Wholesale Grilling Planks Cedar grill planks

Wholesale Grilling Planks Cedar Grill Planks

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We offer Cedar grilling planks for wholesale users. Wholesale grilling planks caters to Restaurants, commercial resellers, Cruise lines, Hotels as well as Casino's,Resorts and Wholesale Distributors. With over 15 years of servicing the wholesale grilling plank industry, we are the premier supplier for all your Cedar grilling plank needs. If you are looking for custom packaged Wholesale grilling planks we can help. When you need large quantity's of Salmon Grilling Planks in Carton load- Pallet loads or- Full truck load quantity we can handle your order. We also supply wood grilling chips for barbecue grills and smokers

We carry a wide variety of grilling planks in White Cedar. We carry Western Red Cedar grilling planks and Alder grilling planks. We ship all across the United States, Worldwide for our clients in Europe and Scandinavia

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Custom Size Planks Cedar paper,cedar wraps,Hickory Paper, Hickory Wraps, Oak paper, Oak Wraps, Maple paper, Maple Wraps,

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  We can custom cut Widths...... custom Lengths....... Brand your company Logo ......Custom packaging ......

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